New Year, New Life….

Holy cow! We’ve made it all the way into a new year already!

This past year has held so much for me. I feel so lucky. So blessed :) I found love, got married, bought a house, went on my honeymoon, and started a new life with my son and husband. I have found peace….

It’s incredible to think that it wasn’t so long ago that I was a single mommy, fully prepared to life my life that way and raise my littlebigman on my own. Then walked in my future….and I can’t imagine where I would be right now if he didn’t walk in.

I have been one of the lucky ones in regards of the relationship between my son and his new stepdad. They get along FAMOUSLY! Two peas in a pod actually. Fully accepting of each other. It’s me that’s the problem! LOL. I struggle with the ‘shared parenting responsibilities’ aspect because I’ve been doing it on my own so long! I am getting better at it though! I’ve stepped back, bit my tongue and let TBM take the reins on occation…..and it kills me! LOL But I’m working on it!

Thank you to SMS for gently kicking me in the pants and getting me back on track! Here’s to a brand new year, with brand new mistakes (thank goodness for those new mornings to start fresh! LOL)

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