It Was Moving Weekend!

That’s right folks, last Friday TBM and I went off to the lawyers and signed our life away to join the world in debt. That afternoon we got the keys….

Our new home…perfect size for the 3 of us and one crazy dog!

We spent the weekend painting, painting, painting…then moving, moving, moving!!!! Now we are literally exhausted! There is so much to do and I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed!

I just keep telling myself that once we’ve unpacked the essentials and settle in a little more, I can re-focus on the wedding plans….and perhaps sit back and enjoy life a little again. We’ve been go go go and I’ve forgotten to take my days one at a time. Seriously, it happens when you are swamped and pressed for time, but I have to remember that it’s my life and I should run it at my pace…

I do know that this week I will make time and mail out my invitations!

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