The List


This is why we like TBM…….


         he automatically includes littleman in our plans

         he brings me flowers

         he makes me smile

         he holds the door open for me

         he asks my opinion

–     he likes to cuddle

         he’s thoughtful and kind

–     he respects my space, thoughts and feelings

         he gets along with my family

         did I mention, he makes me smile?

         he honestly seems interested when he asks about my day

         he’s not afraid to admit if he’s wrong

         he asks for directions

         he’s honest

         he’s got a big heart

         he’s not afraid to widen his horizons and try new things

         he’s a little shy

         he asks littleman about HIS day

         he’s open about the future, his heart and his feelings


……hmmmmm…I think this is a wonderful list, don’t you?


I think that I can actually say it now. I am in a relationship. I guess, I can admit it. It’s not as scary a word as before. I have a boyfriend. I suddenly feel so highschool again…giggly, silly, shy about it. Sigh…………..

13 thoughts on “The List

  1. I posted on my blog about the Simple Pleasures in life….those are ALL really great things. Congrats…I can see your smile from here!


  2. Honey so glad things have developed into such a wonderful relationship. We do really like TBM, I love that he makes you happy!

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