Back to normal…

…after a long Victoria Day weekend.


Back to the schedule, having the house to myself, the piece and quiet in the morning before the little one wakes.

Back to doing everything myself, keeping things organized and tidy.

The only difference is that TODAY is the first day that I am getting back to my workouts!

I have 11 pounds to go to reach my weight before my preganancy…and I’d really like  another 9 on top of that for a total of 20 pounds :) So, the only way to do that is to get off of my butt and workout! I’ve slowly cut down on my eating and already eat pretty healthy. I just need to kick up the activity level I think and do some target weight loss. My middle resembles Santa’s far too closely LOL (IMHO) I’ve been patient. I gained 40 pounds with this pregnancy so I haven’t done too bad in 6 months. Princess Pretty Face weighed in at 8lbs 2 oz so the rest was up to me to lose :) I’d like to have it gone before I go back to work in November.

Here’s to keeping focused!!!!

It’s Spring

….and I love it.

Things are blooming, the weather is warmer, the birds sit in the trees and sing and I am able to sit outside and soak it all in.

During Princess Pretty Face’s naps, I take the opportunity to get some gardening done.



I’ve never really been a gardener. In fact, when I was much younger my mom would make me weed the garden (without the gloves!!!) instead of grounding me if I was in trouble. I hated it. Now, as adult and a home owner I’m starting to get it. I want to make my home look pretty. I want to brighten up my property and am proud when people comment on how it looks.  I am also understanding the therapeutic value in it. The tranquility, the relaxation, the comfort, and the satisfaction of watching something grow.

Then there is the love in sitting out in the backyard, enjoying your own property, knowing the kids have somewhere nice to hang out in or play. Having somewhere for BBQ’s and dinner parties or just having friends over for drinks.

Yep, I love spring…..and I can’t wait for summer.


Gloom Gloom Gloom…

It’s miserable outside….I hate it when it’s so dark and gloomy. It makes me feel sad and blah and I can’t afford to feel sad and blah!

I know I know…it’s spring. We need the rain. I’ll be the first to say I appreciate a garden in bloom (as long as I don’t have to do the weeding) but why can’t the rain come with a little sunshine? Ok, so if we got into the science of the matter I understand, I just mean it would make rainy, gloomy days so much easier to swallow. As it is right now it’s the type of day that I’d love to make a pt of tea and curl up with a good book..maybe some Pride & prejudice or Sense & Sensibility. I’ve read them over and over but will never get enough I think. They warm my heart and brighten my day.


On a side note, Littleman has to run in this today. He’s a member of the cross-country team and today is their big meet! Fingers crossed for him :) I’d really like to make it out to see him run…but I can’t take Princess Pretty Face in the rain. I can’t risk the possibility of a having her catch a chill. She’s still too little….So, needless to say, we’ll see how the day pans out and if the weather allows I’ll pack her up and take her to the forest. She’ll like that… much to see, the fresh air. She a true free spirit that one :)  I had her outside with me over the weekend while I planted flowers in the gardens. I’d say we were out for just over an hour and she was quite content to watch me work and observe the world as it went by. Ahhhhh…the life…..


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Someone is 12.

Someone knows everything.

Someone wants his ‘mommie’ but at the same time wants me to be ‘mom’.

Someone wants to stay up late but still be tucked in and cuddles at bedtime.

Someone wants to go out with his friends but still wants his friends home for cookies and milk before they head out.

Someone wants a cell phone and someone wants to play with his Lego.

Someone refuses to nap on his bed if he is tired but will just snooze on the couch instead.

Someone needs his mommie when he feels under the weather.

Someone is incredibly moody and argumentative.

Someone won’t go to bed without saying I Love You…and waiting to hear it back.

Someone is 12…..and growing up way too fast….


My best

Sometimes I have to remind myself of this when I feel as though I’ve been criticized…..and damn it, my best is pretty good!